<p>There are brand-new terrors on your horizon! Introducing a haunted house with ghoulish scenes that will force you to confront your most primal fears. The Death Yard Haunted Attraction will be an experience that will challenge your senses, nerves and courage. Pick up this deal and bring a friend along for the fright of your life with this deal for general admission for 2 people, a $30 value, for only $15.</p>
<p>Ghouls, gore, and all things grim await you in the vast collection of shocking scenes at Death Yard. Spread across three warehouses, their frights feature a vast variety of scenes that bring to life all your deepest fears. Step into Wraith Asylum: Ataxia, based off of Central State Asylum, one of the most haunted abandoned places in America and home to years of torment and abuse. You can also visit their collaborators at Dracup Penitentiary. Try to escape without being admitted. Visit the basement lair of Otis Bundy and witness his Death Tables in Abomination, but be careful not to become one of his latest victims. Survive a trip to Camp Blood, make a visit to Santa in Holiday Fear or get in on some movie making action in Cult Grindhouse. Will you make it out in one piece?</p>
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