Pinterest is among the newest and fastest growing social media websites on the internet. It allows people to add images that are called pins to pin boards. The number of users, enjoyable use and frequent activity of Pinterest provides unique and amazing benefits to people looking to make money online. Whether you are looking to make money through your website, blog or enhance sales and customer numbers of your business, you certainly can make money online with Pinterest. Instead of viewing Pinterest as a mere photo-sharing platform, look at it as your personal global bulletin board. By November 2013, this social media platform had over 70 million users, of which 80 percent of them were women as well as over 2.5 billion page views each month. There are numerous ways you can use to make money online with Pinterest, and as the social media network continues to expand, so will your opportunities to make money. The following is a comprehensive guide to 5 ways in which to make money online with Pinterest. Let’s look at them, shall we.

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