“Ace Framing “”Social Network Everything I Need To Know”” Poster gives tips on everything to know about social media. Framed poster measuring 36″” x 24″”is great to hang in college dorm room and is a great gift to present someone. Title: “”Social Network Everything I Need To Know”” Wall arts/decor size: Image: 36″”H x 24″”W (standard) This entertaining poster gives you tips on everything you need to know about social media With advice ranging from “”Sometimes it’s okay to poke your best friend”” to “”Pictures, or it didn’t happen””, this poster will be great to hang in you college dorm room One of the biggest social media networks, Facebook, was originally designed just for college students Since then, the idea of connecting on the internet has exploded so much with this demographic that there are now well over 100 sites and apps on the market including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest Do you judge the success of your social life on the amount of friends you have on Facebook? Do you rate your popularity on how many re-tweets you get in a week? Then this maxi poster is a must have for all your social networking needs Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Social Networking’ is a hilarious concoction of rules to live by which have come about since Tom forced his friendship on MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg spawned Facebook So for anyone who loves to spend their time in front of a computer screen telling their closest 853 friends their most intimate secrets, this comical maxi poster is a must have to ensure the success of your social networking status Would you like to give feedback on product content, images, or tell us about a lower price?”

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