Includes 1 DVD and 3 CD-ROMs. As Dr. Wess Stafford welcomes you to the Advocates Network Training Course, he explains the importance of being a Compassion Child Advocate and talks about the rewarding role of being a person who is the voice of children in need. The presentation examples by experienced Compassion Advocates demonstrate three different methods for sharing with others about Compassion sponsorship. The video also instructs how to set up Compassion displays, etc. The Computer Based Training, How Compassion Works in the Field course has two modules: 1) Foundations 2) Programs. They cover such topics as: History, Where We Work, Envisioned Future, Evangelical, The Mission, What is Poverty?, Church Partnership, The Program Model, Child Survival Program, Leadership Development, Educational/Economic Benefits, Social and Spiritual Benefits, Child Records, and much, much more.

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