Exercise to the extreme and know that your phone will be protected at all time with our VanGoddy Neoprene Armband. Its durable neoprene construction cushions and protects your phone against any rigorous hardcore workout, enabling you to keep your phone in a like new condition. The interior of this armband has been newly designed with dual layer of neoprene padding and covered with a high-grade plastic to prevent any moisture damage to your phone. The 2-piece adjustable Velcro straps allows you to adjust the length of the armband by simply removing or attaching the secondary Velcro Strap. Armband Length without extra strap 16.5 inches – Armband with Extra Strap 22 in. So whether you have small arms or large arms you always get the perfect fit. The side Velcro Strap on the side of the armband allows you to conveniently secure excess headphone cord. This armband also features a rear key slot that allows you to carry you car key or locker key along-side your phone. + Includes 3 in 1 Stylus Pen. + The cell phone mount makes the perfect travel companion whether you’re on the road using your phone’s GPS or simply taking a break in your vehicle while enjoying your favorite t.v show or movie. The mount is adjustable to allow you to angle your device to a more suitable position. + The Included auxiliary cable can be easily connected to your phone or portable media player to the auxiliary input of your home or office entertainment system and vehicle stereo. Engineered with advanced features, the audio cable maximizes audio fidelity with high quality sound from any device with a standard 3.5 mm audio port.

Product Features

  • VG Durable Neoprene Armband cushions and protects your phone against any rigorous hardcore workout
  • Reinforced high-grade plastic interior prevents any moisture build up from accumulating on your phone
  • 2-piece adjustable Velcro straps extend from 16.5 in to 22 inches, Designed to fit Small and Large Arms
  • Velcro strap to secure excess headphone cord // Key Slot allows you to carry your car key or locker key
  • Includes VanGoddy Stylus Pen & Laser + Windshield Mount + Auxiliary Cable