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Can we agree on that?

Obviously things change a lot online and fast too. But there is an inexhaustible source of fertile traffic just waiting for you to get your share. But you have to do it the right way.

Pinterest openned its doors in March 2010. It became a massive success with over 11.7 million unique users by January of 2012.

Even though it is a free site, Pinterest has visitors of the 25-34 year old demographic with annual salaries over $100,000. That is awesome! These folks are at the top of the U.S. income scale. Because 97% of the U.S. wage earners make less than six figures annually.

Here’s a tough business question for you. Do Pinterest users spend money? We know that they have money, but do they spend it?

They don’t just spend some, but a lot of money. Actually the research showed they spend double the amount of regular online shoppers, if they come to Pinterest from Facebook, Twitter etc. (per shopify.com)

We’ve created the Baby Boomers Pinterst Profits Video Tutorial DVD to help you use Pinterest most favorably.

Inside this DVD, you’ll be shown:

=>How to how to get users to invite you into their cirlce fast

=>How to avoid things that’ll get your account banned

=>How to determine your strategy, goal or ongoing target

=>How to decipher your market and determine what they want

=>How to select keywords, hash tags etc. that’ll bring you the most results

=>How to get set up fast for success as well as creating your following plan and interaction guidelines

=>How to create your first board that’ll be flooded with interest, and much more.

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Product Features

  • Crisp digital audio
  • Colorful video
  • Standard DVD plays on regular dvd players