Learn how to become really effective on Twitter, the leading social network, in just 5 easy stages.

Whether it’s to promote your business or your writing, to get more from your hobby or to make new friends, this book shows you how to get great results from Twitter. The 2013 edition includes case studies from people using Twitter to successfully promote their writing and businesses.

The step-by-step approach helps you overcome the ‘I don’t get it’ problem that so many people face when they start using Twitter. The steps guide you through Twitter’s key features over five days (although you can do it faster if you want to). By the end of it you’ll have developed a Twitter routine that you can tailor to meet your own personal preferences.

Not sure when or what to tweet? This book will help calm your Twitter nerves.

This is what other buyers have said:

“Great e-book, and great value. Tells you exactly what to do when getting started on Twitter.”

“Points out the pitfalls and guides you in the right direction for successful tweeting. Ideal for Twitter novices.”

Twitter’s probably the easiest and fastest way to build a network of contacts worldwide and every day, thousands more are discovering its benefits.