Belkin @TV Plus lets you watch live and recorded TV on your mobile devices. If it’s on your TV, it’s on @TV. So now you can watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere your smartphone or tablet go. @TV Plus works over Wi-Fi/3G or 4G when you’re away from home, and over your Wi-Fi network when you’re at home. With @TV plus you can not only watch anything recorded on your DVR, you can record directly to your mobile device-so you can even enjoy your entertainment when you have no Internet connection. @TV plus also turns your mobile device into a great remote for your TV. Swipe Surf lets you scroll effortlessly through channels, tap to record makes recording your shows easy and intuitive-this is the way remotes were always meant to be. @TV Plus finally frees you from the couch to enjoy your favorite programs, whenever and wherever you want.

Product Features

  • Never miss a show, movie or sporting event: Watch live and recorded TV anywhere your tablet, smartphone or laptop can access Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
  • Record directly on mobile devices: Watch anything recorded on your DVR or recorded directly to your mobile device
  • Easy to use Channel Guide: Effortlessly scroll through channels with Swipe Surf easy
  • Wi-Fi enabled for easy set-up