Twitter Painted starts spicy and clean with Coriander, Lime, Juniper and an undertone of sweet organic Jasmine Extract. This is the only organic Jasmine available and it has a unique, green aroma. It is extracted by a proprietary process that eliminates solvents such as hexane usually used for absolutes. This scent is perfect to wear with a sundress for a romp in the park. Crushed grass, sweet kisses, and sunshine… Our blends use only steam distilled and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extracted oils. No absolutes are used, meaning there is no residue from hexane or other solvents. We pledge that there are NO SYNTHETICS at all in these blends. Just plant extracted scents and pure jojoba and apricot kernal oils. In addition to being 100% natural our blends are over 80% organic.
Our organic perfumes are concentrated, meaning a lasting, vibrant aroma when applied to your skin. A natural perfume will change as it is on your skin, blooming through the hours you wear it.

Product Features

  • 100% botanical, vegan, natural, pthalate-free, synthetic-free perfume oil
  • Organic and natural steam distilled essential oils and CO2 extracts
  • Base of organic apricot kernal oil and organic jojoba oil
  • .33 oz roll on size
  • 80% total organic content from rare and precious essential oils