Hi! Thank you for visiting my shop! I have a real passion for the power of natural gemstones and crystals which can boost creativity, raise energy levels, uplift the spirit, and give an all-around improvement in mood and general well-being. I have combined this passion with my talent for creating stunning, one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry pieces. My gemstones and crystals are unique and sourced personally by me from all over the world. Every gemstone and crystal has a purpose (detailed below). These jewelry pieces are original and a great conversation piece! This popular and spiritual raw crystal bracelet is made with Ruby Aura Quartz, Amethyst & natural crushed Pyrite on lead & nickel free 24k gold or silver plated brass cuff of your choice. Ruby Aura Quartz Meanings: Ruby Aura Quartz activates and balances the base and heart chakras. It is a crystal of passion, wisdom and vitality. This pretty aura releases the bonds of past abusive relationships and eases the path of transformational change from survival to creation. Amethyst Meanings: Amethyst is most well-known as a grounding and calming stone. It works to provide the user with balance, strength, and clarity. Meditate with it when your life seems hectic. Pyrite Meanings: Pyrite is known as a stone of protection, it wards off negative energy and physical danger as well as stimulating the intellect. It enhances the emotional body, strengthening the will and helps create a positive outlook on life. DETAILS • Crystal measured 1.25″ wide • Bangle measured 6″ long • Handcrafted with love • Made in USA • Bracelet sizes are as follows: XS ( 5-5.5″), S (6-6.5″), M (7-7.5″), L (8″-8.5″), XL (9″-9.5″).

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