This is delicious whole bean, single origin, 100% arabica coffee. This coffee contains only one type of bean – a single varietal, from one farm. Read our reviews below – others agree, and we’re proud to provide a great tasting sustainable product to you.

Our beans are shade-grown, at high altitude.Shade-grown beans have longer “hang-time” on the tree, which means that they have more time to ripen. This results in richer, deeper flavors. High altitude (grown above 4,000 feet) growing produces denser beans, which hold up to the roasting process better.

Our Full City is a medium roast. A bit dark, a bit light – just right. Medium roasts retain tons of delicious natural flavors: you taste more bean and less roast. This helps brew a smooth, balanced cup of coffee, bringing out the best possible depth of flavor, aromas, nose, etc…Heck, I may have to go pour a cup for myself just writing this 🙂

Micro roasted to guarantee an even roast every time. Small batch roasting ensures that each bean is roasted evenly to draw out the best possible flavor in each batch. This results in a higher quality coffee. We allow the beans to cool for the ideal amount of time and then package and ship immediately to get you the freshest beans possible.
They’ll arrive in a bag with a degassing valve, keeping the beans fresh for longer.

Direct Trade means sustainable, organic farming, from a single farm. No middlemen here. You can feel great about the coffee you drink! We believe in supporting the environment as well as the people who produce our coffees. This is why BrewBros. Coffee proudly bears the Rainforest Alliance seal.
Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms meet rigorous environmental, social and economic standards developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Network.
We buy directly from the family that owns the farm, ensuring more than fair wages for the farm and their employees.

Product Features

  • Our Full City roast is a medium roast that leans a little toward the dark side. 100% arabica beans. Bold but not bitter.
  • Very smooth, with a full body and no acidity. Notes of chocolate, with a hint of smokiness. Delicious!
  • Know where your coffee comes from. Ours is Beyond Fair Trade: we get our beans directly from the family that grows and roasts them.
  • We roast in small batches, then bag and ship immediately to get you the freshest beans possible.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. We think you’ll love it… but if you don’t, you’re covered.

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