QR code ID tag keeps your pet connected and protected. The GPS enabled feature will keep you updated on your pet’s location. The tags ARE NOT GPS sensors, but when scanned, you will be able to see the location of the scan on the profile so you can track your pet. It also displays your contact info and vet info to help someone find and return your lost pet. Whether you want to share your pet, mingle with other pets, or check out their photos and videos, it’s just a scan away. Any smart mobile device can scan the tag to view your pet’s FREE online profile! Nowadays, every smartphone comes with a QR code scanning app and almost everyone knows how to scan a QR code to retrieve information. So anyone that finds your lost pet will see the QR code tag on your pet, will know to scan the QR code, and be able to reach the pet’s profile page to retrieve your contact information to reach you or they can contact Pet Dwelling’s online customer service. You will also receive an email notification if anyone scans your QR code. If your pet’s profile does not have any contact information, the person that finds your pet can contact Pet Dwelling’s online customer support to notify you via email or your vet’s service to contact you. To activate the tag, scan the QR code (or enter the URL found on the ID tag into any web browser) and enter the Activation Code. Tag activation instruction will also be in a follow up email.

Product Features

  • Stylish, lightweight and sturdy QR code pet tag best for Small pets. The QR code pet tag is made with simple designs and is the perfect charm for your pet. Accessorize the tag on your pet’s leash, collar, or ring. You can also wear it as a keychain.
  • Pet Dwelling’s QR code pet tag requires only one-step activation on both PC and mobile. The QR code pet tag links to your pet’s free online profile page and provides GPS location map on pet’s profile page when tag is scanned with instant scan notification email. Friends that scan the tag will also see your pet’s complete profile page. Always encourage your friends and admirers to scan the tag to follow your pet’s page on the go.
  • Pet Dwelling’s FREE pet profile includes your vet and contact info but it is more than just your usual lost & found service. It also offers full social media features, which includes photo and video upload. Interact with other members in your area to develop a neighborhood pet community. Just one click to share your pet’s activity on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., with your friends! With the full featured user interface, it’s like having a website for your own pet.
  • Meet other pets and make friends for your pet on the site and follow each other to share experience and updates. Pet Dwelling’s homepage is an open-view platform with a collage user-interface where you can explore and connect with other members. You can drag on the pet’s image to search and click on the name to visit the pet’s profile.
  • Pet Dwelling also allows you to handle multiple pet profiles with one user. Facebook users can create pet profile with just one click on the login page. Pet Dwelling also posts for free on social media to help find your lost pet and emails you if anyone notifies Pet Dwelling of your lost pet. With all these bonus features and services, when you get a Pet Dwelling’s QR code pet tag, you’re really getting an ID tag, a jewelry charm, and a social media tool, all in one!

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