The mass adoption of social media, tablets, and smart phones, growing dependence of businesses on providing WiFi services, enhancement of in-store customer experience, and need of increased sales are driving the demand for Gobig WiFi’s solution. To prove our big value and advanced technology, Gobig WiFi has developed a cloud based guest WiFi solution for the companies providing free WiFi service to their customers with monetized investment through online digital advertising, user data collection, targeted marketing, social media, CRM and POS integration. We refer to Gobig WiFi’s core as the four C’s: Connect, Collect, Communicate and Cloud, which implements O2O process to bring the customers from offline to online then from online to offline. TPL Dual Band 2.4GHZ/5GHZ Indoor Desktop Wireless Broadband Router works seamlessly with Gobig Wifi Merchant Cloud which the customer can use to remotely configure, monitor and manage connected wifi devices, customizes the landing page, uploads the Ads, specifies different authentication methods, manages whitelist and blacklist and bandwidth, reviews use statistics and export user data, design and send simple SMS and Email campaign directly within the systems. For more detail about the product, please visit us at or send us an inquiry at

Product Features

  • Dual Band 2.4GHZ/5GHZ Indoor Desktop Wireless Broadband Router
  • Preloaded with Gobig Wifi Firmware and include one CAL for GoBig WiFi Merchant Cloud
  • Provide Guest Marketing Wifi Solution
  • Come with One Month Free Gobig Wifi Merchant Cloud Subscription

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