Although you can’t really see it here, the Repin, Like, and Comment buttons are displayed when you hover your mouse over an image – just like Pinterest. It will feel so “normal” for most Pinterest users they will naturally want to use the buttons just like they always do.

How Repin works was covered in this post, and the Like button for Facebook was covered in this post.

Since this theme looks and act like the “real” Pinterest, you will have the best of both worlds. You still have your WordPress blog, but since it looks like Pinterest, your visitors will “feel at home” and will likely stick around for awhile and scroll through your images. You might even make a few sales from visitors just surfing! You can use it for Niche stuff, or as your own personal blog – the sky’s the limit!

When you Repin from the Covert Pinpress Theme ALL of the pertinent information is sent to Pinterest. You won’t have to mess around with modifying links AFTER you post. That is really, really powerful as well as being convenient.

Click the following link to get your WordPress Pinterest Theme. You’ll be glad you did.