The purpose of this book is to add a little bit of light, hope, courage and faith to those who otherwise may be weakened by the days or world events. I am a Christian and grateful for all of life’s challenges and trials. Which, at times, have left me physically and mentally broken but my faith and willingness to take risks and accept the support and unconditional love of others along the way have forged me into who I am.

With the willingness came direction in spirit to write and requests by friends to put the best of my personal compilations into a book. You see, I never thought I would be a writer nor a big reader but life experiences tend to change and mold a person. And as a result of life altering experiences, being seared in the scars of worldly, physical and spiritual experiences as well as actually feeling and being in the warmth of the light on numerous occasions I have come to fully understand my spiritual attributes and purpose.

I am far from perfect and although I prefer to take the road less traveled I continue to strive to fulfill my purpose, that of creating a better world for those who cross my path. I am a spirit warrior one of God and am often referred to as “Brim” for those in the know. My purpose here is to open the path to the light and spirit of God for others, much as a curate of old. Within the pages of this book you will find 416 of my favored personal compilations of inspiration and motivation. They are just a small sampling of many more that were written as I trudged through a disabling heart condition. I have been posting them daily on my initial Facebook page for many years and now can be seen on . I found that they not only inspired me but obtained a following that enjoy them just as much. Thus the request to place the best into a book which has also been incorporated into my personal ministry (thefiringline1111) focused on helping and serving others.