With all the negative noise in our world today, our minds become filled with useless drama, paralyzing fear, and other people’s problems. Staying positive is getting harder and harder everyday.

In Daily Inspiration: Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit, Africa Miranda (star of Bravo’s – The New Atlanta) gives you a daily time-tested quote from the world’s most uplifting thought-leaders, thinkers, and artists to give you that nudge you need to make the most out of your day.

But here’s the best part – the purpose of these quotes is for you to share them on social media to inspire the lives of your friends and followers. When you feel down, a great way to feel better is to make others feel better first. All it takes is one encouraging thought in the form of a timeless quote to motivate us toward positive change.

**As an ADDED BONUS you’ll receive a section titled, “Bonus Quotes!” which contains 100+ additional quotes that have inspired, encouraged, and motivated Miranda over the years.**