This organza adult tutu fits as near to perfect as we can ever get! The 5 layer organza tulle comes in vibrant shades of rainbow, turquoise, purple, neon pink, red, kelly green, black and white. The bright neon colours of these tutus will ensure you stand out in any running crowd!

The soft elasticated waistband will stay comfortably in place throughout a long charity, 5k, 10k, dash, color run or even a hectic party. Staying fresh right till the end will ensure maximum compliments from all around you. This short 10″ five layer organza tutu is a poofy ‘ballerina- like’ tutu which sticks straight out to the sides. Dancina has a broad range of tutu styles from this short 10″ five layer model to longer semi opaque 18″ models and 19″ plus size models to suit most women and teenagers



And don’t forget Dancina guarantees you’ll be 100% delighted with your tutu or you get your money back – no limitations whatsoever. So go ahead and put this lovely organza short running tutu in your shopping basket, without any risk at all.

Product Features

  • THE VERY BEST (90%) Amazon “fits as expected” survey rating. A poofy running rainbow tutu with 5 layers of tulle mesh that stick out to the sides with a short 10″ length for easy movement during active wear
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT WIDE ELASTICATED WAISTBAND, 26″ relaxed to 39″ fully stretched. “We are women of all different sizes and we all fit ours comfortably.”
  • LIGHT, FLUFFY adult tutu in bright colours perfect for adding that FUN element to your 5k, 10k, marathons and races “We were a knockout in these tutus!! We received a lot of compliments, thanks Dancina!!”
  • If you prefer a LONGER tutu skirt, we also offer a “Classic Adult Tutu” with a length of 18″ in standard and 19″ in plus sizes
  • A PERFECT cute costume accessory for all colour and fun runs parade outfits, 5k or 10k runs, charity events, theme parties, and don’t forget Independence Day and Halloween isn’t far away!

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