Miss Visual Elements and Principles of Composition class, again ? That’s OK. You can borrow our notes. Lucky for you, we didn’t miss a single class the entire semester so you’ll find all of the important points explained in the notes, along with the class assignments. How does a dot turn into a line to create a shape that makes up a composition?We covered that and more. You’ll see in the notes that we went over all of the basic elements of compositiondot, line, shape, texture, & pattern, color, and spaceas well as the principles for composing the elements on flat surfaces (paper, canvas, screens) and in three dimensions. We had some pop quizzes in this class so we put those in the notes too so you can test yourself, even if it won’t count toward your actual grade. If anything doesn’t make sense in the notes, just go to the class website at design-fundamentals.com . The instructor put extra projects and exercises on the site, a bunch of cool links, recommended reading, that sort of thing. Also, check out our Pinterest boards at Pinterest.com/DSNFundamentals. You could spend hours looking through it all. Good luck!

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