The IMK9 2-set harness and backpack allows you to enjoy the outdoors with your pet, no matter what the occasion might be. A short stroll on the trail, or a long camping trip – we have you covered with our industry leading 2-pack combo. Start off with the big saddle packs when you start camping and then switch to the smaller side packs for shorter hikes or hanging around the camp. Even better, you can simply leave the harness on during campfires. Each saddle pack is rugged, durable, and ready to hit the road. So get your pet, the IMK9 saddle backpack set and go have a great time with your family and your pets.

Product Features

  • ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: a breathable harness and 2 sets of saddlebags are perfect for any outdoor outing
  • GREAT QUALITY AND DESIGN: thoughtful features to provide the most comfort for your pet
  • EXTREME VERSATALITY: large backpacks work great for camping or long trips while the small backpacks are perfect for day hikes
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNER SERVICE TRAINING: teach your pet how to enjoy jobs while you service train them
  • FITS MOST MEDIUM-BIG DOGS: generous straps and harness shape makes this a very generous fitting backpack

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