Cook’n is the #1 best selling recipe organizer software with over 6 million copies sold. Cook’n makes it easy to get all of your recipes into one platform by having powerful features which allow you to scan in recipes, import Pinterest recipes, capture favorite internet recipes with one click, copy recipes from Word, or simply type them in. You can even drag them in from a Live Recipe Feed in Cook’n that shows delicious photos from brand new recipe posts across the web. Once you have your recipes in Cook’n you can organize them into various cookbooks and chapters. Then is where the fun continues. You adjust serving sizes with one click, analyze nutrition, generate shopping lists, make meal plans and weekly menus, print family cookbooks, and more. Cook’n simplifies meal preparation and saves you time and money at the grocery store. Tell Cook’n which items you have on hand and Cook’n will suggest recipes or you can browse through hundreds of cookbook photos, including your own, to find one you like for dinner. Order today to preserve your favorite recipes and discover the joy of cooking again.

Product Features

  • Import all of your Pinterest recipes to utilize the Cook’n features for all of your recipe pins
  • Create digital cookbooks by scanning in recipes, copying them from Word, capturing them from the internet with one-click, and entering them in by hand
  • Make visual menu plans, generate shopping lists, print family cookbooks, analyze nutrition, adjust recipe serving sizes automatically, and share recipes through social media and email
  • Type in what you have on-hand and Cook’n will tell you what to make for dinner; Sync recipes to your mobile devices using the Cook’n mobile apps
  • Free 5-month subscription to Cook’n Premium Service

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