A prehistoric picture-making race!Create like a cave dweller using only sticks and stones – no drawing skills required! Challenge the opposition to make a picture with as few pieces as possible. Then, try to beat them by using fewer pieces and have your team guess what it is. Remember, the clock is always ticking! Play this versatile game in pairs or teams. Perfect for mixed-age groups from child to adult. For 2+ players or teams. Ages 7+ CHOKING HAZARD [1]. Not for under 3 yrs.

Product Features

  • Builds motor, creative and social skills through game play that’s perfect for mixed-age groups
  • No drawing skills required
  • Features 75 game cards providing 450 words of varying difficulty, ensuring a different game every time
  • Includes 40 plastic sticks (20 4″, 20 2″), 15 plastic stones (1″diameter), arrow (1.25″), die, 60 second sand timer, burlap bag for storing game pieces and instructions
  • For 4+ players or teams
  • Features 450 Words
  • Includes multiple pieces
  • Picture making