If you have a business, your customers are on Facebook! Now what?

No matter what kind of business you have, you can boost your profits by knowing how to use Facebook. This book guides you each step of the way, showing you how to create a thriving Facebook presence that will bring new customers and keep your old customers engaged.

Whether you’re a computer geek or a social-media newbie — whether you want to use Facebook’s free grassroots marketing techniques, or learn about Facebook’s limitless paid-advertising opportunities — here’s how to get started. You’ll learn:

> How to create a free Facebook Page.

> Why a business Page, not a regular Facebook profile, is essential to your marketing plan.

> How to use Facebook for market research.

> How to give your best customers a voice.

> To use Facebook photos to feature your products and services.

> How to keep visitors coming back — and spreading the word.

> How to use Facebook’s paid advertising platform.

> To use Facebook ads to complement your other marketing efforts .

> How to craft Facebook sponsored stories.

> The winning techniques proven by other Facebook marketers like you.

> How to test and improve your Facebook ads.

> How to generate direct sales from your Facebook Page.

> Secrets for driving traffic from your Facebook Page to your website.

> How to use apps with your Facebook Page.

> How to connect with mobile users.

> Why to use the Facebook Marketplace.

> How to avoid Facebook spam.

> To use re-built social plug-ins to supercharge your Facebook Page.