Learn how to protect your kids on Facebook

Some surprising Facebook Statistics:

  • 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don’t know, including photos and physical descriptions.
  • 24% of teens have had private or embarrassing information made public without their permission.
  • Over 1 in 4 teens have been stalked on Facebook

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Facebook

Millions of parents have come to realize that Facebook isn’t a place where you can just send children to fend for themselves. 

A recent survey revealed that parents are growing more concerned with the threats they present to their children.

Yet, Facebook and other social networks are here to stay. It’s our jobs as parents to educate ourselves on these mediums and do our part to protect and guide our children.

Whether your child is just coming online to Facebook or they have been there for years, this eBook is a must read.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to immediately help your teen lockdown their Facebook privacy settings to prevent privacy invasions.
  • Best practices for coaching your teen on good posting habits, including: what to post and what not to post.
  • What are the real threats on Facebook?
  • How to respect your teen’s privacy online while protecting them. 

By the end of this short book, you will:

  • Feel more comfortable with your teen being on Facebook.
  • Know you’re not alone in the world of digital parenting, and know where to go when you need help.
  • Know the ten absolutely critical things you must do starting today to keep your teen safe online. 


As part of this eBook series, we have created a few short videos that take a deeper dive into Facebook privacy and security. Additionally, we’ve created up-to-date articles that help parents like you better understand Facebook’s privacy settings. Upon downloading this book, you’ll have instant access to these additional resources free.

Extra Bonus: 

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