Facebook can be anything you want it to be. There is an all-too-common impression that Facebook is a hopeless clutter of messages aimed at or exchanged between people whose interest you do not share. On top of this, there are serious concerns about privacy and security. People worry that their personal information can be accessed and shared by unknown people and that Facebook may use the information for commercial purposes.

These concerns are no longer valid. This book will teach you how to use Facebook properly. Facebook is not a “get an account and let fly” platform. You will discover how to configure Facebook’s new privacy and security settings to suppress information you want to keep private or share only with a select group of friends. Learn how to restrict what information friends, fans and apps can see and share. You will also learn how to safeguard your account from unauthorized intrusion.

You probably want to acquire likes and fans but there is no need for you to clutter your News Feed with status updates from these people. Be selective and see only what you want to see.

You will also learn how you can clean up previous activities by limiting earlier posts you have made to a more limited audience and how you can review and unlike pages you have previously liked.