A full-color, visual guide to using Facebook—written by a senior, for seniors.

    Facebook for Seniors QuickSteps provides hands-on guidance to seniors who want to enjoy the social interaction offered by the world’s most popular social network. The book addresses seniors in a voice that is their own—written by a senior talking to other seniors about how take advantage of the full spectrum of Facebook apps and tools while sharing only with your intended audience. Color screenshots with explanations show exactly what you’ll see on your computer screen while you’re doing a task. A new and fresh design makes your reading experience even more productive and fun, using a crisp and colorful interface.

    Facebook for Seniors QuickSteps

  • Printed in full-color with larger type and new design features
  • “Quick Quotes” share personal experiences and advice from other seniors
  • Approaches specific tasks with steps you can duplicate easily: for example, “To create a photo album on Facebook…” or “To search for a long-lost friend on Facebook….”
  • Step-by-step instructions on signing up for Facebook, choosing privacy settings, posting, friending, sending and receiving messages, sharing photos and video, using a mobile phone to get and post updates, and much more
  • Covers the newest core features, such as the Timeline and revised security techniques
  • Reveals security techniques to use to avoid sharing data with unwanted third parties
  • Explains how to use apps such as games
  • Shows how to organize friends into lists and groups so that communications can be more easily tracked and managed
  • Explains how to create a special Facebook Page for your business and advertise to the greater Facebook audience