FACEBOOK FRIEND OR FOE? Practical Ways to Keep Young People Safe Online.

By the year 2020, more than half of the world’s population will have “grown up” on Facebook. Starting on their parent’s Facebook accounts and then making their way to their pre-TOS-approved accounts, young people are flocking to Facebook as a way of expressing themselves and sharing with their community of friends.

Would you let your son or daughter’s friend come over and stay the weekend without having ever met them?

And yet, every day we allow our children to “friend” or “follow’ complete strangers. While the majority of these new ‘relationships’ are benign, the anonymity of the Internet makes the bad people more daring.

You cannot realistically monitor every moment of your child’s online life.

But what you can do is prepare them for the proper way to handle particular online-related issues or problems, so that they will know the best way to respond in case of an emergency.

FACEBOOK: FRIEND OR FOE? will help every parent discuss the potential issues or concerns with having their child on social media. It will also act as a bridge towards discussing the best response to “stranger danger”-virtual style.

FACEBOOK FRIEND OR FOE? is another anti-bullying, child-safety guide from bullying expert Nigel Lane. You can find his other books, IS MY CHILD A BULLY? and CYBER BULLYING on Amazon.