Mystical events take place at Facebook House the week before Mark Zuckerberg and the founders of Facebook move in, events that would play a pivotal role in launching the social network company during its early days. At this house, these first Facebook friends cultivate the “War, work, and Play” ethic that propels the site to the first million-member mark and helps it survive the tumultuous first days of Zuckerberg’s world empire. Also, during their serendipitous stay at this California mansion, the prodigious computer hackers make a near-fatal error that compromises the security and future of the site.

Join the author, Judy Fusco, in this previously-untold, compelling narrative of Facebook House, as she weaves together fascinating, real-life, insider tales of the founders of Facebook. Take a look into the secret lives of many Silicon Valley kingpins, and the mysterious house that became headquarters to the social networking startup that changed the world. This is not the Accidental Billionaires-type account of the early days of Facebook, dependent only on the stories of bitter ex-business partners, imagined motives and conjecture. In this alternative, Facebook history, readers enjoy up-close interactive experiences with the main Facebook players and real-life glimpses into the lives and community that launched the company. Follow Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz in this vivid Facebook House account of the dynamics that can transform wild dreams into reality.

This book is a blend of the best traits of “The Social Network” and “The Facebook Effect” in a fresh, entertaining, quick read. A book you won’t want to put down and that will inspire you to reflect – long after you put it down – on your own desires and dreams.

According to Judy Fusco, author of Facebook House, “In recent years I’ve had the opportunity of closely watching a transformational idea take shape around my dining room table, as a team of young entrepreneurs took a dream and unveiled it to the world. This social revolution has made a difference in the lives of over one billion members and in the events of nations.”

“It seems,” she says, “as if destiny brought these social revolutionaries to my house for a brief season and a great purpose. Perhaps, too, the mystique surrounding the house played a significant role in launching the global invasion of social networking and in propelling the Facebook founders to world renown. By taking a look through a window of time–a window I and many others have called Facebook House–we can listen and learn from the carriers of this grand idea, and in their lives we can find inspiration that can shape our own destinies.”

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Facebook House: Tales from Facebook history and Zuckerberg’s biography