In this post we talked about how Repinning works in the Covert Pinpress Theme. Now, let’s look at the Like button.

This works a bit differently from the Like button on Pinterest. It actually performs a bit of an “undercover” job with… Facebook! Wow, how cool is that. If a visitor (or you, yourself) clicks the Like button from your blog post, you are actually causing a “Like” to occur on Facebook.

So, why is this “sneaky” or unlike (no pun intended) other Facebook buttons? Well, someone clicking on it from your Pinterest theme might assume they are liking the post on Pinterest (or showing their like on your blog). Instead, they are magically transported to Facebook in stealth mode. Very powerful.

Does that feel like cheating? It might to some. But, keep in mind… most of your blog visitors – even the most Pinterest savvy – probably won’t know the difference. Al they will know is they Liked something.

Hurry and get your Covert Pinpress WP Theme before it goes up much more in price!