The most complete and current guide to Edition

successful online genealogy

Conduct effective genealogical research using the expert

techniques and innovative tools in this fully updated, bestselling resource. Genealogy Online, Tenth Edition reveals new research breakthroughs, such as DNA testing, and covers the latest ancestry-related websites, blogs, networks, and social media services.

You''ll find out how to begin your search, locate specific types of genealogical information on the Web, and efficiently use a wide variety of online tools. Proven methods for recording, organizing, analyzing, and sharing data are provided. Maximize the state-of-the-art genealogy resources available online and connect to researchers worldwide with help from this practical, up-to-date guide.

Choose the right genealogy software for your project

Record, organize, save, and back up your data

Ensure accuracy, privacy, and copyright compliance

Conduct targeted Internet searches using Boolean terms

Connect to other researchers in real-time using Twitter, Skype, IM, and Google

Use social networking services, including Facebook,

LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and MeetUp

Create your own genealogy blog and tag it for search engine optimization

Use DNA testing to find living and past relatives

Search vital statistics through the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, and

other resources

Access online library card catalogs and services

Tap into international and ethnic genealogy resources

Publish your research in print and on the Web

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