Soap nuts are a berry that grows on the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. They contain a natural soap that is released when put in water. They are Mother Natures gift to man and have been used for centuries in Asian cultures. They are an amazing laundry detergent. Just put 4 to 5 Soap Nuts in the included wash bag and throw in the washer with the clothes. They work great in hot, warm or cold water. Soap Nuts work great for getting odors out of clothes. Shirts that are smelly from fishing, or sports, come out smelling clean & fresh like you hung them outside on a clear spring day. Unlike chemical detergents like Tide etc, that try to cover up odors with toxic scents. Soap nuts actually remove odors. We had an old cooler that had been stored for a while. When we opened it, it stunk. We washed it with dish soap and that didn’t help. Then we tried soap nuts. We threw 4 soap nuts in a jar of cold water and shook it up. They made a lot of suds. Then we poured the liquid in the cooler and washed it out, and like magic the cooler smelled fresh & clean. Not even a hint of the bad odor. Green Virgin Soap Nuts work great in all water temperatures. For cold just wash as normal. There is no need to soak the nuts in hot water and then throw the water in the washer. Ours work great in cold water. Just like with chemical detergents some stains will need prespotters and whites will come out whiter with bleach. But you will never need fabric softener or dryer sheets again. If you want a scent in your clothes use essential oil. Just sprinkle a few drops on a sock in the dryer. Buy Green Virgin Soap nuts. You’ll save money. You’ll help clean up the environment. Your clothes will last longer & your towels will be more absorbent. And most important, you & your family will feel better & be healthier. (google “laundry detergent health hazards”)

Product Features

  • A totally natural laundry detergent that grows on the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. No toxic chemicals to harm you or your family’s health.
  • 83 wash loads of Tide and fabric softner cost over $20. Save over $9.00 on a 250 gram bag of Green Virgin Soap Nuts.
  • Never use fabric softner or dryer sheets with Green Virgin Soap Nuts. Plus your clothes will last longer than ever because Soap Nuts leave no residue in your laundry & leave your clothes softer than ever.
  • Green Virgin Soap Nuts are completely Eco-friendly. Even the packaging is biodegradable, unlike detergents that come in plastic bottles. Billions of plastic bottles a year end up in land fills.
  • Chemical detergents contain chemicals that are classified as toxic and hazardous. They also contain known carcinogens as per the EPA. (google “laundry detergent health hazards”)