Protect your 7 INCH Tablet from scratches with Screen Protector. Don’t risk permanent damage to your screen when protection is just a click away. Our self-adhesive screen protector is specifically designed to prevent damage from happening while maintaining its full functionality. you have the partial protector for your 7-inch Tablet Screen you need!
Each of the screen protectors contains 3 layers of PET film that made of Japanese material. The first and last films are mask films, where the stickers are affixed. The real screen protector for your device is the film in the middle. So, you need to use the stickers to remove the mask films (NOT the stickers themselves).

1) Clean your screen using the wiping cloth.
2) Apply the exposed side of the protector to the Tablet.
3) Use the ‘squeegee’ to smooth the screen protector, removing any bubbles
4) Remove the second side of the screen protector film.

The package includes one Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in Retail Packaging at a very reasonable price.

Do not perfect fits your 7 inch tablet, you need to cut some part of the Protector, and will not give a full protection for your Tablet Screen.

You may need this screen protector if you have the follow device:
Tagital 7″ Android 4.0 4GB MID Capacitive Touch Screen A13 Q88 Tablet WiFi 3G MID
Zeepad 7.0 Allwinnwer A13 Boxchip Cortex A8 Android 4.0 Tablett
WolVol New Ultra-Thin 7 inch Touch Screen Tablet PC
AGPtek® 7″ Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen E-reader Tablet PC
Accessories Pink 7″ Google Android 4.0 Tablet PC Capacitive Touch Screen A13 4GB WIFI
Coby Kyros Mid7015, MID7016-4G, Mid7125-4G, MID7042-4, MID7022-4G, MID8042-4, MID8042-4, MID8048-4, MID8024, MID8125-4G, MID8127, MID8065

Product Features

  • Great way to protect the touch screen of a 7inch tablet, Protects your Tablet from everyday dust, moisture, finger, smudges, scratches and oil prints
  • Screen Protector Dimensions (175x120mm) (6.88×4.72inch), Works great, but is only 7inch, you need Carefully.
  • Please Note: it will only cover LCD part of the Touch screen, so you can see the edges of the protector.
  • Does not perfectly fit your 7 inch tablet, and will not give a full protection for your Tablet Screen.
  • Package includes: 3 x Universal Screen Protector (up to 7inch) -175x120mm, 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 3 x Stylus – Black