2-Port USB Car Charger Vehicle Power Adapter – Blue (2000mA)

Input: 12~24v DC.

Output: 5.0V / 2000mA.

Short circuit protection.

LED charging indication.

2 USB Port.
Plug never heats or overcharges the battery.

Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a full battery and automatically switch to a saver.


Both USB ports will charge most cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, MP3 Players, GPS systems, Ebooks, but only compatible to certain tablet models. Certain devices require specific output currents in order to charge properly. Charging capability is based solely on the charging requirement of your device. Please refer to your device specifications to ensure compatibility.

USB Port label 1A able to charge following models:

Samsung Galaxy Tab series

Google Nexus Tablet

Cell Phone, PDA Phone, iPhone, MP3 Player, GPS, Ebook

USB Port label 2.1A able to charge following models:

Apple iPad 1,2,3, 4,Mini,Cell Phone,PDA Phone, iPhone, MP3 Player, GPS, Ebook(Do not charge Samsung Galaxy Tab).

Please note the Car Charger is NOT compatible to following Tablet/Cell Phone:Blackberry Cell Phone, Tablet / Acer Tablet / Asus Tablet / Toshiba Tablet

USB charging cable is not included. Please make sure to provide your own corresponding charging cable in order to charge your device.

Product Features

  • Brand New GTMax 2-Port USB Car charger
  • Total Output: 2A
  • NOT COMPATIBLE TO: Blacberry Cell Phone, Tablet / Acer Tablet / Asus Tablet / Toshiba Tablet
  • Please Note: Port 1A Charge Cell Phone, MP3 Player, GPS, Smartphone, Samsung Tablet Only
  • Accessory ONLY, iPhone® iPad® not included.Apple® iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Products are Apple® compatible and not endorsed by Apple, Inc.