Unique time-lapse video feature, discover so much about your baby’s nighttime adventures when you capture hours of sleep in mere seconds of video. Watch him play and roll or cuddle his blank. See her suck her thumb to soothe herself to sleep. You can even add graphics and music to the video before sharing effortlessly on social media. Perfect for Facebook, twitter and Instagram! guest accounts for family and friends, grandparents and friends can peek in on the little one anytime you allow access. They login for loving glances without disturbing baby; limited guest features means they cannot talk or play music through their account, but can see the baby in real time. Stream safely with bank-level encryption, advanced transmission technology means each camera securely transmits encrypted video and audio data to your smart devices and your smart devices only. Never miss a thing, monitor your little one anytime, anywhere. When she wakes, sound and motion alerts notify you. Reassure via two-way talk and soothe your baby from anywhere. You can even enable constant streaming of the audio feed, which continues in the background of your device as you enjoy other apps. Quick setup is easy as 1-2-3, download the app, create an account and connect the camera to Wi-Fi. That’s it! share the joy and keep in simplicity, don’t pay more for the features you will never use. This baby monitor is designed with simplicity in mind and share the joyful moments to the family. Not only is it easy to setup and operate, but its affordable price will leave extra money in your pockets that can be spent on your baby instead.

Product Features

  • The only friendly Wi-Fi baby monitor with authorized guest account
  • 60 second easy setup: connect to Wi-Fi via iPhone, iPad, android phones or tablets, live stream with stunning video in under a minute
  • Stay connected with two-way talk, intelligent sound and motion alerts and audio only mode with 720P HD day and infrared night vision
  • Time-lapse maximum 160 minutes video into 40 seconds, capture snapshot or clips and share to any social network like Facebook, twitter or Instagram
  • Multiple users viewing at the same moment: let grandparents and relatives talk or play the any custom lullaby music from the mobile devices

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