At Gynoii, we deliver smart products around family cares. Aiming at helping children to grow in a safer and healthier environment and make parent’s everyday lives easier, Gynoii cares for every needs and never stops looking for better and smarter solutions. From new born to pre-school age, Gynoii gives parents tender and endless support in children’s development process through innovative, reliable products and service.

Share the joy and keep in Simplicity

Don’t pay more for the features you will never use. This baby monitor is designed with simplicity in mind and share the joyful moments to the family. Not only is it easy to setup and operate, but its affordable price will leave extra money in your pockets that can be spent on your baby instead.

Stream safely with bank-level encryption

Using advanced transmission technology, each camera securely transmits encrypted video and audio data to your monitor unit.

Baby Journal with Time-Lapse Video

Run the Time-Lapse on free Gynoii Baby app of any iOS or Android device to have a 20~40 seconds video anytime, from anywhere in the world. Free to share Time-Lapse Video, Snapshot and Clips to the grandparents and relatives on any social network.

Stay Connected and don’t miss a thing

Connected with your lovely baby by 2-way talk, Sound & Motion alerts, playing lullaby music or just hear baby’s voice, even you’re working on your mobile phone or you’re away home.

Expandable devices for Multiple viewers

As your family grows, supporting up to 32 total camera units simultaneously. Switch through video channels by simply swapping the viewing of your mobile.

Quick Setup just like 1,2,3

Open the box and remove the camera. Connect to your Wi-Fi network via your iOS or Android mobile phone. Create an account and scan your camera. You are ready to stream!

Product Features

  • The only friendly WIFI baby monitor with Time-Lapse video. Perfect for working parents, grandparents, or relatives who live across the world
  • 60 Second Setup: Connect to Wi-Fi via iOS or Android mobile device, live stream with stunning video in under a minute
  • Stay Connected with Two-Way Talk, Intelligent Sound and Motion Alerts, and Audio Only Mode with Day and Night Vision
  • Time-Lapse maximum 160 minutes video into 40 seconds, capture snapshot or clips and share to any social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Multiple users viewing at the same moment: Let grandparents and relatives talk or play lullaby music to the baby from their mobile, or even help to watch the baby

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