Bad Rabbit is an impersonation of all best strivings of barbers and regular men that take care of themselves. The brand had been created to receive and unite all these capabilities that the modern industry for hair care provides to make hair healthy, invigorated, and groomed 24/7/365, and to unite all range of grooming remedies “under a single roof.” Bad Rabbit is the US trademark, which embraces exclusively products having natural contents, with no parabens, sulfates, CFCs, and other chemical additives. This altogether allows not to make the manufacturing process cheap and mass-market, whilst making your hair look like oakum, but exactly contrariwise – to give you the remedy for hair care that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Bad Rabbit loves your hair, and that is why the only chemistry that is present in your box is the one created by nature itself. Bad Rabbit is for barbershops and for home usage as well. It allows giving your hair volume, structure, and looks that you want to have today. Using these remedies, you can create exactly the same style that you need: from office gloss on very strict-groomed hair up to ease of every day for communication with your friends and strolls under the Moon with the dame of your heart. Buying Bad Rabbit in any channel of its distribution (our site, Amazon, eBay, social networks, your barbershop, and so on), you make your bet on the newest generation of grooming remedies that will provide your hair everything it requires

Product Features

  • The main advantages of the product are:
  • the hairstyle holds its shape during the entire day;
  • does not make the hair heavier, simply put more clay pomade if you want high hold;
  • the water base allows washing off the clay pomade very easily.
  • Clay hair product for men by “Bad Rabbit” is created for clients who desire to receive a hairstyle that will firmly hold throughout the day. It is practically unnoticeable on the hair thanks to its matte effect. In addition, as it disentangles the hair, it will be quite easy to change your hairstyle during the day. Just take a little amount of hair clay matte, rub it between your palms and apply on your hair.

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