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Whether you want to promote your rock band, rock shop, or rocking chairs, individuals and entrepreneurs need to connect to their audience. Maintaining social media takes energy and effort — especially when your goal is to sound authentic without regurgitating hackneyed quotes or cliches.

Everything you do with Pinterest is leverage-able for parallel or future social media venues. Dont fall prey to the whiners who bemoan the number of social sites, the intent of Facebook, the lifecycle of Twitter, or the fate of forgotten venues. It doesnt matter. Move forward, connect with people, and evolve your profile, product, or purpose.


Kelly teaches Digital Media and Web Development in a CA Community College and works as a Sr. Software Engineer for an online gaming company. She invents cooking products and wrote Cookies for Grown-Ups to be published by Red Rock Press in early Fall 2012. Kelly has an EdD in Organizational Leadership, a Masters in Human Resources and Organizational Development, and a B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. She lives in San Jose, CA and in a desert town west of Las Vegas, with her husband Curt. Kelly can be reached at


On Pinterest, think about the adventure and exploration of what you do. How is your bakery different? What are the stories of your recipes? Photos of your customers? Great times spent baking? Fun experiments with flavor? Events where your cakes and pastries are enjoyed? Places and people in your community?

Constantly benchmark back to your adjectives from questions 1 and 2. Generously pin your customers and events in your area. Think of Pinterest as you keeping your extended family of friends, customers, and potential customers up to date with how you are, how the bakery is doing, and the adventures of your business. Let people get to know you. Be sincere. Be available.

Yes, youll be loading images from your computer. Yes youll be pinning images of others. Dont wander off into the many cool images that dont continue your message…

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  • How to Build a Huge Following on Pinterest
    • Introduction
    • Pinterest is about conversation
    • Images
    • Color
    • …and much more