It’s estimated that there are over 800 million Facebook users worldwide, including over 150 million in the US and that number continues to grow. It has rapidly become the communication channel of choice for millions of people, and if you’re online but not using Facebook then you’re missing out. Don’t worry though – it’s not too late to join the party, and in this book you’ll discover how Facebook works, how to set up a free account, and how to use the site and its features, in a no nonsense, no jargon, step-by-step manner.

Dave Barry guides the reader through every step, clearly explaining how each feature works and how to use it. You’ll discover how to create a free account, how to set up your profile, connect with friends, send and receive messages and status updates, share pictures and video, manage your privacy settings and so much more.


Table Of Contents
Introduction – What is Facebook?
Who is Facebook for? 
How is Facebook different from MySpace and similar sites?
Downsides and problems
Getting started  
Creating an account 
Setting up your profile 
Customising your page 
Adding friends, sending requests 
Facebook Etiquette
Basic Facebook usage
The wall (Timeline)
Status updates 
Setting privacy on a post by post basis
News feed
Photos and video 
Sharing links 
Controlling your privacy
Using Facebook from a mobile device
Conclusion & further reading