If you are new to Twitter or you just don’t ‘get’ it, this book is for you.

It was written specifically to help you understand how to use Twitter effectively, for business or pleasure. You know others are getting enormous value from Twitter, but you’re not sure even what or when to tweet.

This book began life as a short handout for people who had been trained in how to use Twitter, but still found themselves struggling to use the social network effectively.

The step-by-step approach takes you through Twitter’s key features over five days (although you can do it at any speed you choose).

During those five days you’ll come to understand why and when to use different features in Twitter and you’ll develop a routine that you can tailor to your own personal preferences.

Those who’ve used it find that they are ‘tweeting like an expert’ after just five days.

Twitter is an incredibly simple, incredibly powerful way of building exciting new networks for your business or hobby or just for fun.

Buy this book now to discover that you too can ‘get’ Twitter and the rewards which come from using it.