How to… go from Twitter Newbie to Expert in just 7 days is broken down into 21 lessons, 3 per day, to gradually take you from total newbie on Twitter, to a Twitter expert, with lots of screenshots, tips and suggestions along the way.

So if you’ve wanted a complete guide to getting started on Twitter, or if you have an account you don’t use, then this is the book for you. Containing loads of screenshots, and written by an IT trainer, whether you want to use Twitter for business or pleasure, this book will help.

By the end of the 7 days you will have:
• A well-set up profile that is fully integrated with your other social media accounts.
• The ability and confidence to navigate around Twitter comfortably.
• The ability and confidence to manage your account effectively and efficiently.
• Lots of ideas on what you can tweet to your followers.
• A series of tweets that reflect your personality and/or business brand.
• A strategy to build up your account, finding people to follow and sending tweets that get you retweeted.
• The confidence to try some of the more advanced applications that will take your Twitter account to the next level

In short: you’ll be an expert Twitter user!