Twitter has fast become one of the most popular online messaging services in the world. With well over 300 million users, and handling over 1.6 billion messages per day, the Twitter revolution has well and truly arrived.

Twitter is an immensely useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, keeping up with current events, answering questions, networking and so much more. Using Twitter for the first time however can be daunting for the uninitiated. Don’t worry though – it’s not too late to join the party, and in this book you’ll discover how Twitter works, how to set up a free account, and how to use the site and its features, in a no nonsense, no jargon, step-by-step manner.

Dave Barry guides the reader through every step, clearly explaining how each feature works and how to use it. You’ll discover how to create a free account, how to set up your profile, connect with other Tweeters, get followers, send public and private messages, use hashtags and lists, follow trends and so much more.

Table Of Contents

Twitter – An Introduction
What is Twitter?
What and who is Twitter for?
How is Twitter Different from Facebook
The Downside of Twitter
Getting Started
Creating an Account
Setting up Your Profile
Profile Design
Following People
Etiquette of Following
Follow Friday
Length and Format of Your Tweets
What to Tweet
Tweet to One Person
DM (Direct Messages)
Post Tweets to Facebook
Under the Hood
Trending Topics
URL Shortening
Links and Pictures
Deleting Tweets
Third Party Apps/Software
Using from a Mobile Device (iPhone etc.)
Conclusion & Further Reading