“How to Use Twitter for Business” will teach you how to use Twitter and its analytic tools to build your brand, increase sales, connect with your customers and prospects, and drive traffic to your website to significantly increase your presence in the market.

It reveals how using Twitter as a marketing tool gives you critical insight into who your customers are and what makes them buy. “How to use Twitter for Business” explains how to get the most out of your tweets, how to directly translate the built-in analytics to your advantage in marketing your product or service, and how to use that information to increase loyalty and sales with both current and prospective customers. Find out exactly how to use Twitter, what it can do for you, and learn how to do it all.

Understand why Twitter is an essential business tool and why having a strong presence on Twitter is an essential component of business marketing strategy today. Learn how to use it to its fullest advantage to achieve your goals. Twitter for Business is full of pictures and screen shots that makes understanding easy. Includes links to tools developed for businesses that use Twitter that help you find prospective customers. Learn how to watch competitors and find out what is going on in your area of business so you can use that information to get a competitive edge.