NEW 5th Edition Updated 1/13/13
– New Bonus Tips!
– Updated Images!
– Newly revised sections to match LinkedIn’s new functionality!

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Every single employer or client who considers hiring you will Google you, click on your LinkedIn profile, and assess it. Whether you are a job seeker, company owner or other professional, your profile must impress your audience if you want results from this social media treasure chest.

In this best-selling e-book, Brenda Bernstein provides 18 detailed strategies and writing tips — plus 7 Bonus tips — that will help you get found on LinkedIn, and keep people reading after they find you.

By following the advice in How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, you will avoid the most common errors on LinkedIn and create a frequently  visited AND highly effective profile.

Use this book to create a POWERFUL profile – and show your target audience you’re serious about your online presence. The results?

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