iKross IKSP14 Portable Stereo Speaker Sound System delivers exceptional sound quality for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Cellphone, Tablet or PC. With patented vacuum bass system and outstanding sound, it delivers a rich audio experience for your home, office or on the road.

iKross palm size mini stereo speaker.

Extendable resonance of the bass box enables stronger sound effect.

Built-in rechargeable battery. Recharge speaker by USB adapter.

Built-in 3.5mm audio input/output wraparound cable plug.

On/Off button. Volume adjustment.

LED power indication.

Package include: Speaker, USB connector & user manual


Power output: 3W

Speaker: 40 mm

Built-in rechargeable battery

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Weight: 96g

Dimensions: 68.5 x 68.5 x 42 mm

Compatible list:

Microsoft Window Surface

Samsung Android Tablet, iGalaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Series, TF101, TF201, Tf300, TF700, TF600, Tf800

Acer Inconia Tab series, A500, w500, A100, A110, A200, A510

Motorola Xoom 1, Motorola Xoom 2

Apple iPad All Generation, iPad mini

Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano All Generation

Sansa Clip, Sansa Clip +, Sansa Fuze, Sansa Fuze +

Most Cell Phone, Tablet, MP3 Players with 3.5mm Output.

Product Features

  • Expansive Construction Design to give the best low frequency output
  • Compatibility: Apple iPods, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, CD players, laptops, Tablet with 3.5-mm audio socket
  • Full-bodied, 360-degree sound
  • Ultra-portable compact size with long-lasting internal chargeable battery
  • connect Multiple Speakers for Maximum Sound