i’m Watch connects to your smartphone through BluetoothTM and delivers to your wrist, calls, text messages, emails, notifications, music, agenda, weather forecasts, pictures and any other app you desire. Intelligent and ergonomic,with a soft and elegant silhouette and a curvedHD touchscreen: i’m Watch is so fast and easy to use that it will leave everything else behind. i’m Watch: the whole world around your wrist. i’music: And the beat goes on. Get all the tunes you want, anytime and everywhere, even on your social networks, it’s that simple. Listen to your music in the handiest way: if a call is coming in, i’m Watch pauses and rings, you only have to click the button on your headphones. You won’t find anything else that sounds so easy. Explore the universe of functionalities, i’market is always open to expanding your App horizons. Each App you download offers new functions to your i’m Watch. You’ll be able to do what you never could have imagined before. Social networks, photos and videos, news and web, emails and messages. The extraordinary becomes possible. Discover the world of i’m Watch: it can be developed according to your ideas and needs. i’m Cloud. Google cloud services. The best partner to meet your app desires. With i’m Watch you can take advantage of Google App Engine. Create and manage your own apps the easiest, most powerful way. Follow i’m Cloud, the i’m Watch exclusive link to Google’s world of apps. You only have to register, than you can build and administer all the apps you want through a central web console that is always on. You won’t need any patches, servers, software or backups, only your i’m Watch and your imagination. Take advantage of i’m Watch. Try all the pleasures of its senses. Accelerometer, magnetometer, a universe of interactive apps to explore. Feel the difference.

Product Features

  • I’m Watch Color (Black, 128mb)

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