Invaluable: What every salon owner wanting success needs to know

Julie Hyne

Perfect for salon owners and aspiring therapists who are striving for salon success, this book, written by award winning industry insider Julie Hyne, fills a critical gap in the market by focusing on those essentials they don''t teach you at beauty college or business school.

Easy-to-read and highlighting the real challenges faced by today''s salon owners, Invaluable brims with practical tips and personal stories from the author''s own salon experience and over 10 years in the image business.

Julie explains that image is an invaluable investment when developing your salon business and goes on to reveal that there''s so much more to image than what meets the eye.

She shows how to lay the foundations of a successful salon business by developing an image to ensure recognition over the competition, create a flood of new clients, attract loyal customers, happy staff and multiply your income.

Filled with resourceful ideas and inspiring insights each chapter tackles an essential element of your ''Total Image''. Julie troubleshoots common challenges, equipping readers with tools and strategies that they can implement straight away to achieve great results.

What makes this more than just a ''How to'' book, is that Julie illustrates each problem and principle with personal experience and concludes each chapter with checklists and activities that drive the reader to action.

For an established salon owner or a beginner at the start of a salon career, looking to achieve their personal and professional best – this book is a must-read.

Who is this book for?
A priceless resource for owners and therapists striving for success in the salon industry.

About the author
Julie Hyne is an internationally renowned and accredited stylist and image consultant who has worked in numerous industries and corporate environments where image and style are critical to success.

As a result of running her own appearance consultancy within her salon, Julie discovered a gap in the salon industry that she addresses in this book, as well as in her online salon success program and private coaching sessions.

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