Social Media Marketing is a double edged sword for online sellers.

The numbers say it should be effective.

• Fifty percent of young adults (age 18 to 29 are on Facebook and Instagram). • Forty-two percent of adult women are on Pinterest. That’s nearly three times the number of men who visit the site.
Twitter usage is higher among young adults ages eighteen to twenty-nine, and falls off sharply among users over age forty-nine.
Facebook users are aging with a larger percentage of seniors over age sixty-five on the site. Women are more likely to frequent Facebook than men.

The numbers say more and more people use social media. At the same time marketing experts continue to debate whether social media can drive sales. Many argue it’s a big time suck for sellers. Others say it’s an inexpensive and effective way to drive sales.

Who’s right? And, given all of the debate, how should sellers approach social media?

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