IMPORTANT Note; If you have ever had to break apart letters on a sign kit, the Kitability Premium Social set is very different. ALL Letters are broken apart and placed in a storage box ready on arrival for your sign!

This Premium Set not only includes 314 letters, numbers, and symbols, but now it also comes with a whole set of special icons and characters! Each set has six emoticon faces, two “Wi-Fi” symbols, four hashtags, four at symbols (“@”), two medium length arrows, plus the missing punctuation from original letter sets! These include: slashes, parentheses, quotation marks, exclamation points, and question marks!

Store your set alphabetically in the included storage box! Sets come broken apart and in a storage box that will fit all of the letters, numbers, characters, and punctuation. Keep your set organized and find your desired characters easily!

These letter sets offer a replacement for your old letter sets, or can be used in addition to your collection, allowing you to expand your message capabilities! Designed for Magic Master Message Board Signs, they will also work on any sign that accepts 4-inch tall letters.

Characters are referred to as “4 Inch” – actual size of the characters are between 3 3/4-inch-tall and 3 7/8-inch-tall; the plastic is 4 3/8-inch-tall. They fit in tracks that have a 4 inch “window” or separation between the tracks. If your sign is not a Magic Master standard size Swinger, Sprinter, Tip-N-Roll or QLA Message Board, be sure to measure your sign or existing letters to ensure they will fit. Not intended for Magic Master Roadside or XL signs – use 5-inch letter sets for these signs types.

Branding imprint used for warranty on characters cannot be seen once item is in use. Tracks on boards will cover branding.

Product Features

  • Modernize your sign! Set of 350 letters, numbers, emoji’s, Wi-Fi symbol, hashtags, arrows, and more!
  • Standard letters and numbers, plus new characters – arrows that fit four directions and finally “!”, “?”, “(“, “@” “#” and quotes!
  • Bring social media to your sign! Add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to your sign messages.
  • Printed on outdoor UV resistant plastic 4 3/8 inches tall, they work with most 4-inch message boards
  • Compatible with Magic Master, Signicade and other A-frames that use flex letters, packaged as 350 cut apart pieces in storage box; further info below

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