Celebrate Your Events In Style Take your party to the next level. Dazzle that special someone with a romantic gesture or make your best friend’s birthday special. Incorporate them into your next photo-shoot. Gain followers on Instagram and Pinterest. These balloons are limitless! Why are our balloons the best? •You are getting 16-count 18″ GIANT balloons made of HIGH QUALITY 100% natural latex. You won’t need to worry about them popping when you are inflating them! •Your balloon bouquet will include 8 transparent confetti balloons and 8 solid rose gold latex balloons to create a stunning contrast! •Other confetti balloons use PAPER confetti that lacks the sparkle of our FOIL material and weighs the balloon down and making it too heavy to float. •Other balloons lack the sheen of TRUE ROSE GOLD. We know these balloons are beautiful in photos, but wait until you see them in person! Hassle Free These balloons come pre-filled, meaning no mess or frustration stuffing confetti yourself! Instructions •Stretch balloons before inflating. •Fill with air or helium. •IMPORTANT: Rub inflated balloons against hair, wool, or carpet so confetti can cling onto the balloons. •To evenly distribute confetti, move balloon around when rubbing. For more information, photos, and to see what Instagram is saying about Le Ballon check out http://www.leballon.shop

Product Features

  • ✔ LUXURIOUS BALLOONS: These balloons are REALLY big (not the typical 10-12 inch like you’re used to) and it is best to use HIGH QUALITY HELIUM to support the strength of the balloon and the weight of the confetti.
  • ✔ PREMIUM ROSE GOLD FOIL CONFETTI: We made sure you’re only getting the best with our premium quality rose gold foil confetti, so they’ll shine the most vibrant shade of rose gold.
  • ✔ OUR CONFETTI WILL STICK: Your balloons each come PREFILLED with 5 grams of rose gold foil confetti, ensuring that your balloons won’t be too heavy to float! — as long as you use PURE HELIUM to fill them and you inflate your balloons fully! In addition, foil confetti will stick to the sides of your balloons MUCH more easily than paper confetti does! We use foil confetti so that you will get the very BEST confetti effect! Please see the tutorial to get the full confetti effect.
  • ✔ 16 BALLOONS, all sized 18 INCHES: Our balloons are a GIANT 18 inches, making them far larger than the standard 10 or 12 inch balloon. And in addition to our premium rose gold confetti balloons, you will receive 8 SOLID rose gold balloons. They are the PERFECT accent to your confetti balloons!
  • ✔ GUARANTEE: You’ll love these balloons, we’re not worried about that. If the unthinkable happens and these balloons don’t dazzle as they should, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you. Customer service is our priority.

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