This leather leash is very unique in every aspect. Firstly, it is designed in such a way that makes the leash a little elastic so your hands don’t hurt when your dog pulls. The leash just stretches a little bit to give you that comfort. Secondly, it is designed to hold up to strong pulls from your pet and has double stitching in every area where the leash might wear out. Lastly, it is very classic to look at and hold. No rough edges like in other full grain leashes. This one is stitched perfectly to provide a very comfortable grip and offers all the security you would expect from a leather leash. There is nothing else like this in the market. You will love this leash – no question about it.

Product Features

  • GENUINE LEATHER LEASH: made from single premium leather. 6 feet long
  • GIFT PACK READY: packed in a nice gift box for you or to gift to someone this holiday
  • STRENGTH AND COMFORT: unique stretch design and comfort handle unlike any other leather leash
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: if for some reason this leash does not work for you, simply return it or we will send you a new one. No questions asked
  • LOVE GUARANTEED: you and your pet will love this leash. Period

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