“Canned coffee – now we’re ready for the apocalypseThe humble mason jar has been around since 1858. Always popular among the home canning crowd and “”down home”” restaurants, it’s starting to make a comeback thanks to (of all things!) Pinterest. There you’ll find mason jars used in chandeliers, home organizing, wedding decor (it is Pinterest, after all), in addition to storage for make-ahead meals and beverages. And now you can use it to drink your favorite beverage. We know you’ve done it before. You run out of drinking vessels in the house, and instead of washing dishes, you reach for alternate beverage containers, which is when the mason jars come into the picture. This one, however, is intended for drinking from, so you don’t have to wait until all your other dishes are dirty. It’s got a travel-lid and a handle, both of which make it superior to your average mason jar. But it does not have your grammy’s jam; there’s always a trade-off.Product Specifications Coffee mug shaped like a mason jar with a travel lidA kitschy alternative to leaky and ugly travel mugsWorks for hot and cold beveragesPerfect for your moonshineComes with a handle (because hot glass looks identical to cold glass)Capacity: 14 oz.Materials: Glass, metal, and food-safe plasticNot microwave-safeDishwasher-safe”

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